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Chat City Podcast

Oct 31, 2018

From the tender age of 9, Gio Cerro fell in love with poetry. This week's episode dives into Gio's journey through poetry and how he is making it his full time dream. You can find him typing up impromptu poems on the fly around the city or follow him on Instagram @gios_typos. 

Oct 25, 2018

I nervous laugh, then I cry, then I laugh again. This week's chat I get to sit down with the father of my daughter and boyfriend, Matt. We open up about our story on how we met, our first two years of dating, finding out we were expecting, separating while co-parenting and where we are now. We also get a chance to...

Oct 10, 2018

From Politics to social media and the effects technology has on society. This week's episode features Arthur Serra host of "Revenge of the Dreamer" channel on Youtube. Tune in to his channel on Youtube: or log on every Saturday at 9:30 PM for Live...

Oct 3, 2018

It is episode 10 and what better way to celebrate then with some of my favorite girls. This week's episode is a little different than my previous ones. We are getting into self love, dating in today's society and all the fun stuff that comes with dating. Take notes.